Nugget were formed in London in late 2013 by three virtuoso players who create an idiosyncratic collage of original jazz-fusion and thrilling math-rock.

The trio’s tunes are technically flawless but always accessible, displaying dynamic and structural clarity while mashing elements of metal, reggae, hip-hop and drum’n’bass.

Jaw-dropping to experience live, Nugget have garnered rapturous acclaim at shows in London and the South of France, received endorsements from various pro-audio companies and now, with the release of their debut five-track EP, are ready to commence total cross-pollination of music’s most enduring genres.


Prodigious Toronto-born guitarist and producer Julien Baraness, a graduate of Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music

Italian bass instructor and touring clinician Alex Lofoco, who studied at the Tech Music School


Fellow graduate, drummer Jamie Murray, who, when not on Nugget duty, serves as a session sticksman at several London studios.





Been using these bad boys from @Aston_Mics for the past few days on several sessions and they sound incredible! @MaxBandicoot and @alpaluk can attest.
Massive thanks to @Aston_Mics for lending me these bad boys! They sound amazing!! Using the #origin for vocals on @MaxBandicoot’s latest EP.
Beat Replacement Live at The Crypt To all of our fans who have asked what we were up to, well, we are taking an indefinite break.
Things are getting busy and we don't know when we'll be gigging next or recording any new material.
On a more positive note, we all have great new projects you should check out!
Jamie is playing with his new project ...
Please Stop Now FINSBURY SAMPLE Yo everyone!
We've had a lovely few gigs this past week. Here's a little snippet of our tune Please Stop Now from our show at the Finsbury on May the 4th.
Would you have gotten the "1"?
A small segment of our tune Please Stop Now from our Finsbury gig on May the 4th. Thank you Monica for filming ...
We'd like to say thank you to all our friends who came down last night to The Finsbury Pub for our set!
Big thanks to Ben Murphie and Matt Falloon for their support as well as Chris Sharpe for putting us on.
Lost in the Manor: Nugget / Matthew Falloon / Ben Murphie Because we are big fans of impromptu gigs and Star Wars, we thought this would be cool:
It's free and the other acts are great. We are stoked and would love to see you there.
Jamie, Alex & Julien.
Lost in the Manor @ The Finsbury Presents
Nugget + Matthew Falloon + Ben Murphie
Free entry all night long!
Please Stop Now SAMPLE Hey everyone!! Sorry for the delay on releasing stuff. We are working on tunes. What do you think about this little sample?
Here's a taste of what'll be on our album. Let us know your thoughts!
Nugget is feeling accomplished.
Working on a new section with these crazy cats! Can't wait for the gigs coming up! #drummers #drumsolos #jazzfusion #jazz #vicfirth #drummerboy #vinniecolaiuta #zildjiancymbals #gretsch #vatersticks #pearldrums #drumuniversity
Happy New year everybody from Nugget! Who wants to hear a snippet of our new track? We've been writing a lot of new material and we think it's going to flipping explode! The new tracks are very exciting! Up & coming gigs to be announced shortly!
Juju, Al & Jay.
Nugget is feeling pumped.
We're at @VICTORIADALSTON tonight supporting @nuggetofficial! Free entry show, doors at 7pm - Hope to see y'all there!
@ahoneysettwatts @bermondseyarts @AlanHunt86 very sorry, but you got the wrong band... Maybe you mean our drummer is playing his residence?

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